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April 1, 2007

FON takes friendly wireless neighbourhoold worldwide

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The concept behind FON is simple: you share your Internet connection at home in exchange for free Wifi from someone else on the service when you’re not a home. Billing itself as the “Largest Wifi Community in the World”, FON translates the principle of the good neighbour to a global scale.

At first, I thought that was it, a friendly community of shared wifi access points. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that FON’s business model sounds reasonably straight-forward. Members who share their home internet connections through FON get to access any FON site for free. However, even those who don’t share internet connection at home (known as “aliens”) can still access FON wifi points by purchasing a $3 day-pass. Those FON members who would rather take a 50% share of the revenue from “aliens” than have free access to the remote wifi community can do so.

A quick search of the FON wifi maps revealed that quite a few places around my neighbourhood are already connected.

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