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March 23, 2007

Cool stuff from Microsoft Research

What will you see?

1. 2:11: VIBE group shows off synchronizing via mobile phone research
2. 10:09: Andy Wilson shows off a cool set of apps that use video cameras in a new way (don’t miss this, it rocks!)
3. 19:50: Daniel Robbins shows off a new “tap UI” for phones.
4. 23:35: Matt Uyttendaele shows off HUGE (4 gigapixel or so) photos with a killer “tiling” system that displays them wicked fast.
5. 29:52: Linking the real world to the Web with pictures (killer camera phone research).
6. 34:04: Speech recognition for podcasts.
7. 36:50: Frank Seide shows video exploration and discovery for Media Center PCs.
8. 45:31: Richard Harper demonstrates a bunch of hardware concepts and trials for home users.
9. 52:00: Vibhore Goyal shows using SMS to blogging and research in India.
10. 54:25: Rajesh Veeraraghavan is doing research with farmers in India to find better education systems for them.

Shot by Robert Scoble: Original Post

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